Want a blog?

If you are a university student then you are eligible to get a blog through the The Uni Mag for your studies and the best thing about it is that you can keep the blog afterwards. There is nothing better then providing a possible employer with a link to your blog which can be used to showcase your work for people to see. Every blog, under U The Uni Mag,  will also be used for its content in which will also be shown on the main website in order to find out the most popular content across the board of The Uni Mag. Popular content will also be featured in The U Mag magazine towards the near future.

The site aims at offering students an opportunity to show their work and not to rely on the university to provide the blogs. Majority of courses will, at some point, require you to either write blog posts or have your own website for professional reasons.

If this is something that you are looking for then email us on wantablog@utheunimag.co.uk with a valid student id for proof of being a student at a university. Once this has been done then your blog will then be set up and an email will be sent out to you with your temporary details. It is required that once you log in that you change your password to something you prefer.

For any more information on this specific service do not hesitate to contact us via email at wantablog@utheunimag.co.uk

Your Blog, Your Way.