The purpose of this platform is to provide university students with an environment to showcase the work they have done and to be able to post about what ever they want based on their course and categories provided.


If a student does not have a provided blog post by the university then a blog can be provided, under a sub-domain. It’s about time as we live in a digital age where employers want to see work you have done and there’s no better way of doing this, then providing them with a link, for example: http://utheunimag.co.uk/author/your-username/, to your own author page where they can see all the posts you have ever posted.


It’s a place to speak up and express their personal values, opinions and work with other upcoming students.

  1. Offers a platform just for students.
  2. Can offer a blog if university does not provide the student with a website for their work throughout the course. Any blogs under ‘theunimag’ will say active after students graduate.
  3. A platform to show new coming students previous work done by students on their course and other courses, if relatable.
  4. It will also be a place for current students to show their work for employers as well as to get noticed in their specific industry.
  5. It’s created by students. For students. Posts are sorted by topic rather than author. To ensure that students can find work done on a topic that can be relatable.