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What is the Digital Economy Act (DEA) 2010 and the impact it has had?

Photo: UK Parliament. Flickr   The Digital Economy Act (DEA) 2010 came about to allow the Office of Communications (Ofcom) access to find out the individuals who are downloading illegal content ,file sharing, and to stop the copyright infringement in the United Kingdom. The impact in which the act has had on society and the media industry, specifically the ways that the population can stream online as well. History/ Background The Digital Economy Act 2010 is an act of parliament in the United Kingdom and was Introduced on April 8th…

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How Virtual Reality is changing the way brands engage consumers?

We have all seen or been apart of the Virtual Reality (VR) trend that has happened over the past months and years. It’s a perfect way to get consumers engaged with a product and using by brands using Virtual Reality they are leaving consumers with a memorable moment. VR has opened up a new possibility for marketers as it solves a few problems that they have been faced with over the years. The offers VR have for marketers is that it will be immersive, impact and memorable. It’s immersive because…

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Is the BBC really Justified?

Photo: REUTERS / Scanpix   We all know about the BBC license fee in the United Kingdom and the fact it has been a debatable topic for years which has been a discussion in the houses of parliament recently. So, it gives the public a 50/50 chance of it staying or going. The license fee came about in the UK on the 1st June 1946 and has been in our homes for 70 years. Is it time that this outdated scheme stops due to time moving on and everything is changing in…

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