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How Skinheads are Represented in the Media

Photo: Chris Harvey, Journalist for The Telegraph   There are places, such as Luton, where skinheads can be found within the town especially on a Friday night. The town also has many other youth cultures which over populates the skinheads. So to say that the skinhead youth culture has not completely dissolved into society and been forgotten about. It may be that the subculture of skinheads is not entirely bad, as they still exist in today’s day and age and still meeting up at rock pubs in big quantities. But,…

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Is the BBC really Justified?

Photo: REUTERS / Scanpix   We all know about the BBC license fee in the United Kingdom and the fact it has been a debatable topic for years which has been a discussion in the houses of parliament recently. So, it gives the public a 50/50 chance of it staying or going. The license fee came about in the UK on the 1st June 1946 and has been in our homes for 70 years. Is it time that this outdated scheme stops due to time moving on and everything is changing in…

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