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Print Versus Digital

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In the 21st century it’s easy to pick up a electronic device and be consumed by it. I wonder whether reading a book on an electronic device will consume readers, or turn them away. I’m a book lover, it’s easy for me to choose the side that shouts “long live printed books”. There is nothing better than opening a fresh book, and taking a deep breath, inhaling the fresh book scent.

There are may pros to physical books:

  1. You can bend the ear of the page that you’re on. Now has personality. Whereas the kindle, yea you can bookmark your pages but if you forget to, finding where you were would involve a little extra effort.
  2. With a printed book you can look through all of the dog eared pages until you find the closest one. You can write notes on the kindle, but it’s so much better to write in the margins with really small and unreadable handwriting. Has an antique feel you know.
  3. Now you can have a nice long bath with a printed book, because if you drop it in the water it will be fine. Just drape it over the radiator. Now it looks rustic. With a kindle, you may be electrocuted, well maybe not that extreme but it would definitely break.


On a more serious note, both print and digital literature formats do the job, getting the work out to as many people as possible. This post is for the bookworms who do not care how they get their literature, as long as they get their literature. For the people who just love to read no matter the format. For the ones feeling empowered to read or by a something they have ready today.


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