I Miss You

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Why did he have to take you?

Why did he leave me lost and confused?
Where are you now?
How have you been for the last 10 years?
I miss you.
Everyday of my life I miss you.
I just wish you could’ve been here for longer.
I wish you could have seen me grow.
Oh how I wish you were here.
Your house was my safe place.
I felt at home and loved.
I remember it all.
The layout, your slippers, the cat.
I don’t know how to forget it.
I don’t want to forget but it hurts.
It hurts to think someone else now lives there, with their things and their life and their family.
I miss you.
More than these words could ever say.
More than anything.
I just want to make you proud.
I wish I could see your face.
Are you proud?
I hope you are.
I miss you.
The smell of your clothes.
Your cooking.
Just why?
It was too soon.
Way too soon.
I didn’t get the chance to know you.
I don’t know you…not the way I wanted to.
It was fast.
Too fast.
Just like that you were gone and all of a sudden it hit me.
It wasn’t until a few years ago that it really sank in that you weren’t coming back.
I knew you wasn’t coming back but I didn’t really understand it.
Sometimes it’ll catch me off guard you know.
Like a gush of wind.
Then it’s gone like it was never here.
That’s how I feel sometimes.
Like you wasn’t really here.
Like it was a horrible nightmare.
But it wasn’t, it isn’t. It’s still happening and I’m still lost.
I’ve got you with me forever…in my mind and in my heart.
But I’ve still got that feeling.
I miss you.
Nothing can stop this feeling of loss.
Like something’s just not there.
I miss you.
I just miss you.

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