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How Guardian are Worried About Ad Blockers

Photo Credit: Peter Fields

As a former journalism student (for one year only) i feel that i can sympathise with the journalists out there. “stop blocking out ads!” They scream with their pitchforks and waving their reporters pads. Too right I say! Blocking ads on newspapers site such as, The Guardian brings down the advertisement revenue. I’m all for blocking a few advertisements but since no one really wants to pay for their news,journalists need to have ads, in order for their work to be on a media platform. They may come across a bit pushy (the journalists) with messages that read “The best things in life aren’t free” and “advertising helps us fund our journalism”. You can’t miss them, they’re a ‘Right in ya face kind of message’ yet they are still ignored. “Why turn off my ad-blocker when I can be oblivious about the news?”

Allow the ads to invade your browser, what’s the worst that could happen? Your laptop could freeze on one of those annoying messages that says “Warning! There is a virus in this software. Warning!”

Good Luck to all of you cheating the ad system and getting free news!

What are your ideas on ad-blocker and its participation in the decrease in advertisement revenues for journalists?

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