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How Virtual Reality is changing the way brands engage consumers?

We have all seen or been apart of the Virtual Reality (VR) trend that has happened over the past months and years. It’s a perfect way to get consumers engaged with a product and using by brands using Virtual Reality they are leaving consumers with a memorable moment.

VR has opened up a new possibility for marketers as it solves a few problems that they have been faced with over the years. The offers VR have for marketers is that it will be immersive, impact and memorable. It’s immersive because users wearing the head mounted display (HMD) device will be focused on what it is you are trying to show them as the headset limits their distractions. It creates an impact on the user as VR experience is greater than your traditional media as it offers a different way of engaging consumers with something they may have never experienced before. VR then leaves the consumer with a memorable moment linked with a brand as our brains are built to remember links like events and their location.

Brands have used VR as a way of engaging their consumers and given the consumers an experience to remember so they can relate the experience back to the brand. Companies that have used VR as a marketing tool are listed below:

Coca-cola Santa’s Virtual Reality Sleigh Ride

They had embraced the use of VR whilst the coca-cola truck was making its rounds around the UK over Christmas and what a perfect way to give people an experience of a life time.

McDonalds Happy Meal VR Headset and Ski App

McDonald’s uses VR to reach out to children as the VR headset is made out of McDonald’s signature trade happy meal box. The ski app with have the children engaged for a while with the headset.

New York Times – Displaced

New York Time took on the idea of VR to show journalistic pieces differently. They believe that VR journalism will be as big as photography journalism 119 years ago. The app will walk you through the story and can experience the news as if you were there.

Volvo- XC90 Test Drive

Volvo is the first car company to use VR as a way customers can test drive the Volvo XC90 on their phone.

The Geordie Shore Experience

That’s Radge! Geordie Shore have released a VR experience of what it is like to be in the house and being with the housemates in general. Takes you on a night out and shows you what Chloe is really like in the back of a taxi.


These are just some examples of how brands are using VR and I believe that more brands will open up to the idea of using virtual reality as a way of reaching their audience and giving them an experience they cannot forget.

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