Girls Toilets

Photo Credit: Clipart Kid
Cold smiles exchanged in the girls toilets.
Empty glances and drunken strides.
We have empty conversations with no intention to contact each other.
The toilet mirror.
The watering hole for females all over.
They fix their hair and their make up hoping to impress that handsome guy at the bar.
“He’s so hot and he bought me a drink you know.”
I hear a girl say as she saunters past me, while her friend slowly follows all along thinking to herself “why didn’t he buy me one?”
The girls toilets.
A place of self doubt and loathing.
Why’s she prettier, skinnier, funnier than me?
What does she have that I don’t!?
Ugh I hate her!
The girls toilets a place of hatred and jealousy, a place of mean comments and dirty looks.
The girls toilets.

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