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How Guardian are Worried About Ad Blockers

Photo Credit: Peter Fields As a former journalism student (for one year only) i feel that i can sympathise with the journalists out there. “stop blocking out ads!” They scream with their pitchforks and waving their reporters pads. Too right I say! Blocking ads on newspapers site such as, The Guardian brings down the advertisement revenue. I’m all for blocking a few advertisements but since no one really wants to pay for their news,journalists need to have ads, in order for their work to be on a media platform. They may…

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Print Versus Digital

Photo Credit: Otimay Media In the 21st century it’s easy to pick up a electronic device and be consumed by it. I wonder whether reading a book on an electronic device will consume readers, or turn them away. I’m a book lover, it’s easy for me to choose the side that shouts “long live printed books”. There is nothing better than opening a fresh book, and taking a deep breath, inhaling the fresh book scent. There are may pros to physical books: You can bend the ear of the page that…

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Is the BBC really Justified?

Photo: REUTERS / Scanpix   We all know about the BBC license fee in the United Kingdom and the fact it has been a debatable topic for years which has been a discussion in the houses of parliament recently. So, it gives the public a 50/50 chance of it staying or going. The license fee came about in the UK on the 1st June 1946 and has been in our homes for 70 years. Is it time that this outdated scheme stops due to time moving on and everything is changing in…

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